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SB727 Threatens Public Schools & Children--It Privatizes Public Money and Accountability

Pam Buttram, a former tax lawyer, walked Gretchen Garrity and me, David Rice, through the new funds and fees created by SB727. She showed millions will sit in accounts, letting a trickle go to kids.

The Interview

This interview is intense and detailed. Gretchen was a tremendous asset to have in the interview to think through what Pam told us about SB727.

Pam was informative, and at times patient with us, as we dug through the codes, the law, and the ways the state government has tried to hide how they plan to privatize education.

This isn’t the big hurrah Conservatives were hoping for in a world free from Public Education though. This is Government education privatized with no accountability. There are no Sunshine requests to be made. There will be no way to track the finances of the Educational Assistance Organizations or the Private Financial Management funds that sequester the money.

And the Department of Education will still have a major role in deciding who gets the money and how the curriculum will be developed.

Ladies and Gentlemen, SB727 is the Nationalization of Private Schools. It is not Conservative. It’s a step towards Fascism—this regiments commerce and education with no accountability. Education needs to be fixed. This makes it worse than it already is. If your Rep voted for this Bill, you need to ask them some hard questions.

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